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    Top musicians earners that RIP

    NewsFriday 01 August 2014

    Artists often get famous and richer after they are dead. The reason for this is that artists are perfectionists and are not able to release their work to the public due to fear of not having the perfect song.  Usually, artists experience a mix of adverse thinking around the job they do. Maybe these people assume that they need to undergo perfection for the do the job to get valuable. Along with the very poor undergo a lot more valiantly compared to the rich… No matter what the actual thinking are, they generally maintain their work secret, making the discovery of it very hard. The musician doesn’t assume that releasing their work towards the general public would have been a great idea (for whichever reason).. Enough said here they are:

    Last year stats:

    • 160 million - Michael Jackson
    • $50 million - Kurt Cobain
    • $42 million - Elvis
    • $24 million - John Lennon
    • $18 million - Bob Marley
    • $7 million - George Harrison
    • $6 million - Johnny Cash
    • $6 million - Richard Rodgers
    • $6 million - Ray Charles
    • $6 million - Jenni Rivera


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