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    Selling your instrument online

    ArticleFriday 05 September 2014
    Important tips to help you sell your instrument online...

    The Basics

    If your using the MusicalAds website to sell a second hand musical instrument, don’t assume your potential buyer will always be knowledgeable about the item you’re selling, so try and include as much information as possible about the items specifications or features.

    Also, when placing your ad, just take a moment to check that you’re using the category most appropriate for the item you’re selling. If you need to, do a quick search of the search and find out what categories other sellers have used to list similar items.

    Be honest and include all the details

    Be honest about the condition of your instrument. For example, if your selling a guitar amp that has been gigged heavily at high volumes for several years, don’t put in the description ‘Virtually New’ or ‘Rarely Used!’. As the saying goes, ‘pictures speak a thousand words’. A few clear, well lit photographs of your instrument can be worth more than your description.

    When including photographs of your item, don’t be tempeted to just copy and paste an image from the internet unless you really have no way of taking your own photographs. If you are able to take photos, make sure the pictures are well lit so to clearly demonstrate the condition of the item, and try to ensure the background in your photograph is uncluttered so as not to distract the buyer from the item you’re actually selling. So don't photograph the acoustic guitar you are selling, when it is sat in it's stand next to two other acoustic guitars!

    Be serious about your asking price

    If your item has been upgraded, modded or professionally setup, say so! As well as mentioning upgrades, mention and included details of any extras included. A an extra set of strings, effects pedal, drum stool or an instrument case etc.. Whatever it is you’ve decided to include with the main item you’re selling, make sure you provide details and if possible photographs of this as well.

    Be prepared to answer questions. Unless you provide every single possible detail of the instrument in your description, most people serious about buying your instrument will ask questions. This may be a request for more photographs, question about the items condition or history, or even a request for more technical information. Remember that most people are willing to pay 50-75% of the original selling price for an item that is described as second hand or used.

    If you’re selling your item on MusicalAds the chances are your looking to complete the transaction locally. If this is the case, it very likely that any potential buyers could ask to view the instrument before purchasing or even to try it out. Understandably personal circumstances mean that it may not be convenient to have someone visit your home for such a purpose, but if possible always offer that the person can do so if they wish.

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