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    Buying MP3 Players

    ArticleMonday 31 March 2014
    Thinking of buying an MP3 Player? Read this guide first...

    A quick overview

    The digital distribution, storage and playback of music has boomed over the past few years thanks to the introduction of paid for downloads and the inclusion of download in music charts around the world, and people everywhere have really got into the mp3 player swing of things. Portable music devices come in all shapes and sizes with varying features and functions, so we`ll take a look at the most common types and who they`re targeted at.

    Mini MP3 Players

    Small mp3 players that are designed to clip onto your belt, bag or shirt have been around for a few years now, but since flash storage has come on in leaps and bounds in the recent past they`ve really caught up with their bigger rivals. Storage capacities of 1GB right up to 8 or even 16GB are available on some models which allows you to store thousands of tracks in a tiny device.

    Thanks to the fact that they don`t have any moving parts as they use solid state flash memory battery life is also greatly improved, and they won`t skip whilst you`re doing exercise or running to catch the bus. Apple championed this arena with the iPod Shuffle a few years back, but the competition is currently bettering Apple`s device, with Sandisk offering the Sansa clip which offers more storage and significantly offers a 4 line OLED screen so you can see what track you`re playing and cycle through your music library.

    MP4 Players and the iPod touch

    For a while now portable music devices have been struggling with the balance between features and battery life, but the current generation of mp4 multimedia players lead by the iPod Touch is finally getting that balance right in favour of the consumer. With larger storage drives and large, crisp screens, listening to music and displaying the album art of the track, watching videos and movies on the go and even connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi is possible in some models.

    The iPod Touch does, as the name suggests, feature a large touch sensitive screen, and has an impressive amount of processing power that also makes it a good little gaming machine to rival the dedicated PSP offered by Sony. If you`re a bit of a media junkie and want to store all of your files and tracks in the same place then the larger current generation of expensive mp4 players might be right up your street.

    Portable music player accessories

    There is a world of choice out there when it comes to augmenting your portable music player, from carry cases to screen protectors to headphones to new, larger memory cards like a Micro SDHC memory cards massive storage space within a tiny housing.

    The technology within portable music devices is constantly evolving and the decreasing size and increasing storage capacity of the memory cards used will result in much higher storage space and lower power consumption in the future, so it`s an exciting market to keep and eye on.

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