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How to create a music video..
How to create a music video..
A great music video is a single that’s effective in delivering new existence and energy to your song. They must be made in order to entertain your current audience. To capture people’s awareness, they must be fun, hilarious, creative, unique and/or energetic – in order that means never just stand before a video camera and sing your track or rap your collections. You want visitors to watch the main video (which isn't easy these days) in addition to share that with pals. Here’s the best way to do it. How would you choose the right videographer? Most of all, make sure that
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Get your free U2 Album on iTunes
Get your free U2 Album on iTunes
U2 and Apple teamed up as part of the new iPhone 6 launch to give out 500 million iTunes customers the opportunity to download the Album for FREE!   Both started the collaboration 10 years ago, where they've partnered on TV ads, on the presentation of the first special edition iPod and the (Product)Red brand. Today, they did it again they will gift 500 million iTunes customers the Album completely FREE of charge. The download will be free from the release date up to October 13th!   Songs of innocence has roots from the ealry influencers of the band, Ramones, Bob Dylan, and the Clash.
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Top 10 Guitar Models of All Time

They may just be six strings and a chunk of wood, but in

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