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    The Basics If your using the MusicalAds website to sell a second hand musical instrument, don’t assume your potential buyer will always be knowledgeable about the item you’re selling, so try and include as much information as possible about the items specifications or features. Also, when placing your ad, just take a moment to check that you’re using the category mos...

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    If you have your own grand piano you know how dusty they can become. If you leave the lid open then the dust can collect inside the piano and this is never a good thing. This article will help you to clean inside a grand piano quickly and with ease.       How to Have a Spotlessly Clean Piano Keep the lid closed whenever you can. The piano does look ...

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    The basis of all guitar music and playing are the chords. They consist of placing your fingers at different frets and playing multiple strings at the same time. Every player should be able to play guitar chords. There are many different types of guitar chord, from simple ‘power chords’ that are used in a lot of punk songs to the open chords which are more complicated and feature in ...

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    If you are keen to learn how to play the drums, you’ll need to show dedication and put the hours into practice. While early learning can be frustrating, once you’ve cracked the basics, you’ll be able to gain maximum enjoyment out of this exhilarating instrument. For tips on learning drums, read our information below.   Basic Steps to Learn the Drums   S...

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    Guitar amps for sale are available in many sizes, prices and have all sorts of features. By finding out more about the many types of guitar amplifiers there are, and figuring out what you need guitar amps for, you can make an informed choice as to which one to buy. See the following guide to guitar amps for sale for more tips.     Your Needs What do you want from guit...

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       Sheet Music Plus Sheet Music Plus is a great website for getting cheap drum sheet music. They have a large range of music books for sale, they are based in America but the shipping is not expensive.      Music Room  Music Room is a website that has lots of drum sheet music books. They also stock the official Trinity Guildhall ...

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    A great music video is a single that’s effective in delivering new existence and energy to your song. They must be made in order to entertain your current audience. To capture people’s awareness, they must be fun, hilarious, creative, unique and/or energetic – in order that means never just stand before a video camera and sing your track or rap your collections. You want visit...

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    Whatever type of piano you are trying to sell they are beautiful instruments. Selling a piano can be tough but it is not impossible. Pianos are not items you would buy on a whim so you have to target the right set of people and hope that someone loves your old piano. If you want to sell a piano then it is a good idea to know about piano transportation so if you need to persuade a buyer that liv...

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    Several instruments emit audio of different qualities for your same note. The frequency could be the same, and notice identical tonality, nevertheless, beside the key frequency, there tend to be other vibrations, furthermore differing from one instrument to another and giving a unique sound. The supplementary vibrations are branded harmonies, being multiples with the basic frequency. Additional...

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    Starting out If you’re visiting MusicalAds to look for your very first musical instrument, then credit to you. Recent research shows that 35% of Brits would like to learn music or play an instrument, but few actually do anything about it. So in making an effort to purchase one, you’ve gone further than most people do! When you first start learning music, you’ll proba...

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