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Learn tips and advice on how to care for your musical instrument, plus get general information and advice from musical experts!

Selling your instrument online
Friday 05 September 2014

The Basics If your using the MusicalAds website to sell a second hand musical instrument, don’t assume your potential buyer will always be knowledgeable...

How to Clean the Inside of a Grand Piano
musical instrument care guides Tuesday 02 September 2014
If you have your own grand piano you know how dusty they can become. If you leave the lid open then the dust can collect inside the piano and this is never a good thing. This article will help you...
How To Play Guitar Chords
Music tuition guides Friday 08 August 2014
The basis of all guitar music and playing are the chords. They consist of placing your fingers at different frets and playing multiple strings at the same time. Every player should be able to p...
Learning the Drums
Music tuition guides Thursday 07 August 2014

If you are keen to learn how to play the drums, you’ll need to show dedication and put the hours into practice. While early learning can be frustrating,...

Types of Guitar Amplifiers
musical instrument buying guides Wednesday 06 August 2014

Guitar amps for sale are available in many sizes, prices and have all sorts of features. By finding out more about the many types of guitar amplifiers there are, and...

Drum Sheet Music
Music tuition guides Tuesday 05 August 2014
   Sheet Music Plus Sheet Music Plus is a great website for getting cheap drum sheet music. They have a large range of music books for sale, they are based in America but...
How to create a music video..
Friday 25 July 2014

A great music video is a single that’s effective in delivering new existence and energy to your song. They must be made in order to entertain your current audi...

How to Sell a Piano
musical instrument selling guides Wednesday 23 July 2014

Whatever type of piano you are trying to sell they are beautiful instruments. Selling a piano can be tough but it is not impossible. Pianos are not items you would b...

Instruments explained..
Music tuition guides Friday 18 July 2014

Several instruments emit audio of different qualities for your same note. The frequency could be the same, and notice identical tonality, nevertheless, beside the ke...

Learning a Musical Instrument
Wednesday 16 July 2014

Starting out If you’re visiting MusicalAds to look for your very first musical instrument, then credit to you. Recent research shows that 35% of Brits w...

Music Equipment: How To Clean a Drum Kit<br />
musical instrument care guides Friday 11 July 2014
To many musicians, keeping their music equipment and their musical instruments clean is essential and drum kits are no different. A drumkit is different from a lot of other musical instruments in ...
Advertising Guitars For Sale
Looking to advertise used guitars for sale? Well if you’re looking to trade in your old trusty guitar, there’s no better place to get it noticed than on Musical Ads. We advertis...
Cleaning a Trumpet

Cleaning a trumpet fairly regularly is very important. Not only will it be looking its best, it will also improve the sound it is capable of. A thoroughly cle...

Buying Pro Audio Equipment
Wednesday 21 May 2014

Advice on Buying Pro Audio Equipment Professional sound recording, nowadays, is a multi-faceted, and multi-platform, operation. Live audio can be recorded via...

Picking Music Instruments for Kids<br />
Children often go through aphase of being fixated on playing a particular musical instrument. It is goodto encourage children to play music instruments but not every musicalinstrument is right for...
Dealing with Scam Attempts
Monday 12 May 2014
Making MusicalAds a safer place... Whether you're buying or selling on MusicalAds, please always remain aware and avoid any deal / offer that looks suspicious. At MusicalAds, we strive ...
Basic Guitar Chords To Play
Music tuition guides Friday 09 May 2014
There are lots of guitar chords to play and it will take years of practice to get to the stage where you know how to play all of the guitar chords. It is important to learn guitar chords as they a...
Top 5 Iconic Electric Guitars
musical instrument buying guides Wednesday 07 May 2014

Electric guitars have some of the most instantly recognisable and iconic shapes in history and certainly in popular culture. They are symbols of rock and roll for th...

Musical Instruments Used in the Blues


Blues instruments are used in the blues style of music that originates from the oppressive times of the American slave tr...

Tuning a 6 String Bass Guitar
musical instrument care guides Wednesday 30 April 2014
A 6 string bass guitar is not very different from or a 4 or 5 string bass guitar. 6 string bass guitar tuning however is slightly different from the way that you would tune a bass...
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